How much is the plot rental?

The rental fee is $34 a year, payable no later than the date of the Annual General Meeting.

How large is a plot?

Each plot has 4′ X 8′ or 32 sq. feet of planting space. Or, in metric measurements, it is 1.22 m X 2.44 m or almost 3 sq. meters of planting space.

Do I have to join the Varsity Community Association (VCA) to be a Garden member?

No, this is optional.

What is expected of Varsity Community Garden members who rent plots?

All the expectations are in the Membership Agreement. For example, all members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting that is held in March. Plot renters are expected to have some seeds or seedlings planted by June 15.  They are also expected to put their garden to bed by removing all the plants and rubbish by October 31.

How can I download the Membership Agreement?

The Membership Agreement is moving online with registration.  More information will be available soon.

How can I become a member of the VCGC?

Complete the first page of the  Membership Agreement and submit it to the Plot Administrator at plotadmin@varsitycommunitygarden.ca. The VCGC is intended to be for the Varsity community, but it is not necessary to be a Varsity resident to join.

How much is the Varsity Community Garden Club membership fee?

There is no membership fee unless you rent a plot. Plot rental is optional.

Do I have to rent a garden plot to be a Varsity Community Garden Club member?

No. If you would like to join our Club without renting a plot, consider signing up as a Garden Angel. You will be able to vote, volunteer and participate in our events. Garden Angels also help out by watering plots while their renter is on vacation. Please contact our Garden Angels Coordinator at


What are the rules about the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and poisons?

The use of these chemicals is strictly discouraged. You can find a list of alternative ways of controlling weeds and pests here (short) or here (long).

What are rules about the use of compost bins?

The compost bins #’s 1 -3 are currently locked.  Bin #4 contains compost available for use on your plots.  We are currently re-organizing the compost bins.

Do I have to bring my own garden tools?

You may want to bring and use your own tools. There are the usual tools in the tool shed for all to use. All members are expected to keep the tools and the tool shed clean and neat. If you forget the lock combination contact the Plot Administrator.

When is a good time to meet other gardeners?

There are gardeners who come regularly on Wednesdays at around 7 pm. This social event is called Weeding Wednesday.