“Growing together”


Varsity Community Garden is open to everyone who shares our passion for community and gardening. If you are interested in participating in our events, please don’t hesitate to join our Varsity Community Garden Club! Check our calendar now for upcoming events.

Volunteer with us!

If you have some free time and would like to help out in the garden, you are most welcome! Please contact Bert at info@varsitycommunitygarden.ca.

Volunteer opportunities for example:

  • help maintain the common areas, such as
    • pumpkin patch
    • potato patch
    • herbal spirals
    • ornamental plant containers
  • become a garden angel
    • babysit vacationing gardeners plot
  • help turn the compost
  • special work bee projects
  • participating in the Executive Committee
  • creating garden art, taking pictures
  • writing articles
  • mentor less experienced gardeners

You can also see our Announcements page, we usually post there if we need help with special projects.

Thank you and see you in the Varsity Community Garden!